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Organizations, People and Strategies in Astronomy - Volume 1

(OPSA 1)

(Ed. A. Heck, 2012, ISBN 978-2-9542677-0-8)

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Table of contents

Editorial pdf
(pp. 1-13)

Changing Working Habits at Observatories:
More Efficiency for Better Science! pdf
(Chr. Veillet/CFHT)
(pp. 15-26)

The Telescopes and Processes 
of the Australian Astronomical Observatory pdf
(A. Hopkins et al./AAO)
(pp. 27-38)

The ASTRONET Infrastructure Roadmap:
A Strategic Plan for Astronomy in Europe pdf
(M. Bode/Liverpool John Moores Univ.)
(pp. 39-53)

The Demography of Astronomy in the United Kingdom pdf
(P. Murdin/RAS)
(pp. 55-75)

Astronomy in the United States: 
Workforce Development and Public Engagement pdf
(Chr. Impey/Univ. Arizona)
(pp. 77-91)

The IAU Astronomy for Development Programme pdf
(G. Miley/Leiden Univ.)
(pp. 93-111)

Teaching Graduate Students the Art of Science pdf
(R. Snieder et al./Colorado Sch. Mines)
(pp. 113-134)

The "Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers" (SWYA) Project pdf 
(Chr. Sterken/VUB)
(pp. 135-142)

Unexpected Advice 
for Beginning Graduate Students in Astrophysics pdf
(J. Linsky/JILA)
(pp. 143-147)

Astronomy CATS pdf
(G. Brissenden et al./Univ. Arizona)
(pp. 149-162)

AAS Career Services pdf
(K. Marvel/AAS)
(pp. 163-172)

Survival Strategies
for African American Astronomers and Astrophysicists pdf
(J.C. Holbrook/UCLA)
(pp. 173-181)

Citizen Science: 
Contributions to Astronomy Research pdf 
(C. Christian/STScI et al.)
(pp. 183-197)

Accessible Astronomy: 
Astronomy for Everyone pdf
(N. Grice/YCDA)
(pp. 199-205)

Gemini Observatory Takes its Local Communities
on an Expanding Journey Through the Universe pdf
(J. Harvey & P. Michaud/Gemini)
(pp. 207-226)

Time Flies When You're Having Fun 
-- Two Decades in an Astronomy Library pdf
(U. Grothkopf/ESO)
(pp. 227-244)

The h- and a-Indexes in Astronomy pdf
(H.A. Abt/KPNO)
(pp. 245-252)

The ADS in the Information Age 
-- Impact on Discovery pdf
(E.A. Henneken et al./CfA)
(pp. 253-263)

Some Ethical Considerations 
in Astronomy Research and Practice pdf
(D.R. Koepsell/TU Delft)
(pp. 265-277)

Ethics in Scientific Publishing pdf
(L. Sage/Nature)
(pp. 279-283)

Big Science and Its Problems:
The Development of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory pdf
(J. Meadows/Loughborough Univ.)
(pp. 285-294)

Historical Examples of Lobbying:
The Case of Strasbourg Astronomical Observatories pdf
(A. Heck/Strasbourg Obs.)
(pp. 295-318)

New Obituary Policy
for the American Astronomical Society pdf
(J.M. Pasachoff/Williams Univ.)
(pp. 319-324)

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